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End of 2023 Show Update and More

What's Next For Music Rewind

Music Rewind Podcast September 2023 Update

2023 Year End Blog Post

Hello Music Rewinders

Thank you for joining me this past year for our outstanding Season 3. It was cut a little short due to a detour to Neverland, however we covered the new episodes from January to November. Season 3 really hit my sweet spot with some classic rock & grunge, then we journeyed far out of my comfort zone with newer pop albums. Our chat with blues historian Marty Weil is a personal favorite of mine. Overall a pretty crazy season. We had a lot more scheduled that unfortunately needed to be postponed until a later date, and if all goes well we’ll get them in future seasons. 

Something to point out that we did in Season 3 that was very well received was out Music Through The Generations Part 1 and Part 2.  Friend of the show Alan Ziegler went out into the world and asked 5 questions to people of all ages/locations/backgrounds.  The answers were fascinating, especially the final questions of “What Is Classic Rock To You?”  There are answers I never would have imagined. I am currently working on a Part 3 with some more interviews from Alan, and several that Mike Boroski was able to obtain over Christmas. Look for it soon, and here is a sneak peak.

So what is next for Music Rewind? Well, soon I will have about a 2-3 month window to do some  interviews, and in my back & forth to home from the tour, I will slowly put together a Season 4.  I haven’t decided yet if I will hold episodes for a scheduled/consistent release, or just put them out as I finish them at random. Feel free to message me and let me know what you would prefer. 


Now for the big update that many of you are curious about, The Peter Pan National Tour! Since October 29th, I have been traveling with my son, Reed Epley, as he has been cast in the role of Michael Darling in this brand new Broadway Tour, directed by musical theater legend Lonny Price.  This has been an amazing experience to just be a fly on the wall from the Day 1 speech/introductions, studio rehearsals in NYC, tech rehearsals in KY, opening night in MN and soon the first stop of the tour in Baltimore. The full cast is amazing and I have seen the show six times now. This is probably the first time in history that I approve of a story being modified for “modern audiences,” because it was done with care and reference for the story.  It is very well done and I recommend it to anyone. As much as I love seeing Reed sing & dance as Michael, the performances playing Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy and Tiger Lilly all crush it. Behind the scenes they are all the nicest people as well, and Reed is happy as can be with his theater family. I am obviously biased though in my view of the show and I love the little bits they have written for Reed to expand his role as Michael, highlighting some of his previous theater training. He has been mentioned in a few reviews as well, which makes this old man smile with pride. It also makes it fun to listen to the podcast episode he did with me two years ago where he talked about his dream of being on a big stage someday. Go to for details about the cast and tour dates. 

Give the kid a follow on Instagram, @reedepleyactor, for all kinds of behind-the-scenes fun and shenanigans.


The Mix-CD Treasure Hunt has also been a fun, little side project that took shape this year. I found an old CD wallet in a box that has over 50 mix CD’s in it, and I have very little recollection of what I put on them.  Random names like Mix 2, Random Mix, Punk, Rap, etc.  So I’ve been going through them and discovering what I put on them one by one. I am about half way through, recently releasing #26 last week. Check out the CD’s here at our Treasure Hunt page. 

As much as I love doing Music Rewind and talking about these albums with the world, my family will always come first. Music Rewind will be back in full when the time is right. I have a growing list of people who wish to be on the show, from fans to musicians to industry experts. I hope to fit everyone in as time goes by. If you want to be a guest on the show, you can fill out this form.

For now, please check out all our recent episodes, join our Treasure Hunt, check out our running Favorite Clips and follow us on all the socials!

Thank you to all the guests and listeners! 


Host of Music Rewind


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