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Mystery Mix-CD 30:
Dashboard Conf and Other Stuff

This round the pick is “Dashboard Conf and Other Stuff” - From about 2003

This CD seems to be a collection of some classic Dashboard Confessional tunes mixed in with some filler songs of the day. The kind of CD you wanted in your wallet in case the girls asked for Dashboard, but you also wanted some harder stuff hidden in there.  Overall, a fun time-capsule of the early 2000's. 

Track Listing

  1. Like A Stone - Audioslave

  2. Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling F0r Soup

  3. Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional

  4. The Swiss Army Romance - Dashboard Confessional

  5. Emotionless - Good Charlotte

  6. Cemetery - Good Charlotte

  7. Never Wanna F’ing See You Again - Rich Hardesty

  8. These Days - Rascal Flatts

  9. The Young & The Hopeless - Good Charlotte

  10. Screamer (live) - Good Charlotte 

  11. 99 Ref Balloons - Goldfinger 

  12. Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

  13. The Best Deceptions - Dashboard Confessional

  14. Saints & Sailors - Dashboard Confessional

  15. Remember To Breath - Dashboard Confessional


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