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Mystery Mix CD 3: Weak Shit

This round the pick is Weak Shit - from around 1999ish, Maybe? This CD title speaks for itself.A collection of the tunes that are a bit on the slower side. Perhaps a CD that self-proclaimed rock guy can put in when alone on drive and sing every high note himself. It is wonderful to hear Elton John to NKOTB to Tupac and then Blackstreet. Now that is flow.
Plus, that ending track of Girl 
by Davy Jones from
The Brady Bunch Movie is a great track!

Track Listing and Player

1. Daydream Believer - The Monkees
2. If I Ever Fall In Love - Shai
3. Freak Me - Silk
4. Glycerine - Bush
5. I Guess Ghat’s Why The Call It The Blues  - Elton John
6. This One’s For The Children - NKOTB
7. Dear Mama - Tupac
8. Don’t Leave Me - Blackstreet
9. Say Say Say - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
10. When Doves Cry - Prince 
11. We Are The World - USA For Africa
12. She’s Got A Way (Live) - Billy Joel
13. Landslides - Smashing Pumpkins
14. Long December - Counting Crowes
15. Wonderwall - Oasis
16. The Great Pretender - Freddie Mercury 
17. Girl - Davey Jones


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