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Mystery Mix-CD 21: Sleep

This round the pick is “Sleep” - from around 2007.
A simple title of Sleep is a good giveaway that this one was burned for me to drift away at night. The year 2007 was well before my first iPhone, so I had several sleep CD’s that I would cycle through. This seems to be the only one that survived for some reason. Overall, it is an interesting snapshot of tunes, especially to drift off to sleep. 

Track Listing

1. Hey, Hey - Dispatch 
2. Patience - Dreamgirls Cast
3. Sister Golden Hair - America
4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - IZ
5. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - The Outlaws 
6. Beast of Burden - The Rolling Stones
7. Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughn 
8. Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot
9. Turn To Stone - Electric Light Orchestra 
10. What It Takes - Aerosmith
11. Hard Times - Ray Charles 
12. Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procal Harum 
13. Listen - Beyoncé (Dreamgirls)
14. No One Else (Acoustic) - Weezer 
15. Mama - My Chemical Romance


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