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Mystery Mix-CD 17: Pink Floyd Mix

This round the pick is “Pink Floyd Mix” - The first Mix CD I ever made, or at least to the point of ones that have survived to this day. Anyone who has listened to our Animals episode knows my love of this band and it no surprise that I made this CD first. This CD turned out to be a great mix of old Floyd, classic Floyd, and weird Floyd.

Track Listing

1. Dogs - Animals (1977) 
2. Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Animals (1977)
3. Comfortably Numb - The Wall - (1979) 
4. Run Like Hell - The Wall - (1979)
5. Hey You - The Wall - (1979)
6. Free Four - Obscured By Clouds (1972) 
7. Arnold Layne - Single (1967) 
8. Wish You Were Here - Wish You Were Here (1975)
9. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict - Ummagumma (1969) 
10. Shine In You Crazy Diamond - Pulse (1994) 

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