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Mystery Mix CD 1: Rock Instrumentals

The first entry in our treasure hunt through old Mix CD's is Rock Instrumentals. Some favorite Rock Instrumentals of mine from around 2000. The memories came flooding back and I remember this was a favorite of mine. It rarely left the CD changer back in the day.

Track Listing

1. Battlestar Scralatchtica - Incubus

2. Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band

3. Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughn

4. One Of These Days - Pink Floyd

5. Silent Night/Holy Night Jam - Joe Satriani

6. Sparks - The Who

7. Orion - Metallica

8. Bron-Yr-Aur - Led Zeppelin

9. Any Color You Like - Pink Floyd

10. Grab The Devil By The Horns - Sum 41

11. Europa - Santana

12. Hot 'Lanta - The Allman Brothers Band

13. Cure For The Itch - Linkin Park


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