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May 2023 Update - Music Rewind

Season 3 is Ready for Summer

Hello and Welcome to the May 2023 update of Music Rewind.

Music Rewind has exploded lately in both listenership and interest in more guests on the show. Season 3 so far has seen musicians, professors, historians, and even a Grammy winning music producer in our latest episode:

Coming up in the second half of Season 3 we will see more musicians, fans and music industry experts joining us to talk their favorite music album.

We also dropped a bonus episode at the end of May with a few Music Rewind regulars talking the Top 5 Songs of Summer.


Next On Music Rewind

Music Rewind welcomes writer and podcaster Keith Higgons to the show to discuss the 1986 self-titled album from rock band, Broken Homes.

Episode drops on June 5th, 2023.

Find Keith on Instagram HERE


LinkedIn Articles

The Music Rewind visibility has been expanded to include the occasional article on LinkedIn. Please check them out and follow the show on there if you wish.


Looking to the Future....


Additional Listening

A collection of Music Rewind Podcast's favorite music clips.

A treasure hunt through old mix-CD's found in a box from the early 2000's.


Recording Status


5 Published Full Episodes 2 Livestreams 3 Bonus Episodes 1 Completed Episodes Pending Publication (Available on Patreon) 1 Recorded Episodes Currently In Editing 4 Future Recordings On The Calendar Many more on the docket not yet scheduled

I am spacing out my recordings through the year to better balance the show, my other show, family, work, life, etc. I also want to give each album the attention it deserves.


Please remember to go to

and leave a review of the show.

It really helps us reach more listeners.


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