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The Gaslight Anthem: The '59 Sound with guest Conner Cherland - Show Notes & Transcript

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Music Rewind welcomes singer/songwriter Conner Cherland to the show to discuss the 2008 album from The Gaslight Anthem, The ‘59 Sound.

The second album from American rock band The Gaslight Anthem, we talk about how this album hit our guest’s ears at the perfect time to inspire a musical journey. It was also an album that was missed by our host at the time, so it was a first-time listening experience to talk through.

Album: The ‘59 Sound

Artist: The Gaslight Anthem

Year: 2008

Get there album here:

Our Guest, Conner Cherland, is an accomplished musician out of California. He has numerous songs and EP’s available on the streamers, but his first full-length album hits the airways in October 2023.

Conner’s new single “Drugs” is available now:

Support Conner on Bandcamp!

Find Conner on Instagram @connercherland:

Transcript available for downloade Here

The Gaslight Anthem: The ’59 Sound with guest Conner Cherland

Music Rewind Episode - The Gaslight Anthem: The '59 Sound

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