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Special Event - Top Albums Of All Time by Music Rewind

Music Rewind is putting together its own list of the top albums of all time. Curated and voted on by Music Rewind guests, fans and listeners.

We have had a team of music nerds scrubbing a master list of albums and have settled on a baseline list of 796 albums. Now is the time to sign up to vote for your top albums. Anyone can request a ballot at THIS LINK and make their voice heard.

The sign-up form will be open until June 7th, 2024. The form will be closed after that day.

Voting has already started as of this blog post and will be open until June 21st. After that day, final votes will be tallied. The Top 11-50 will be published in blog posts leading up to a special Out On The Tiles livestream event where we will reveal our Top 10, live on the air.

Every voter so far has had their own unique strategy. Some go top to bottom rating each one in one sitting. Some slowly go back and vote, review, vote, review and repeat. Some rate their favorites high and then skip the rest. Some vote their favorites then go back to deep think the remainders. It is all fascinating.

Sign Up To Vote For The Top Albums Of All Time

Scoring Criteria - Required

Completeness - Can you listen straight through?

Song quality - Are there songs that can stand on their own?

Legacy - Does it stand the test of time? Still listened to it years later?

Additional considerations for personal preference.


Chart numbers


Scoring System

10 - Masterpiece

9 - High-end album

8 - Good album

7 - Decent album

6 - Above average album

5 - Meh, mid-grade album

4 - Below average album

3 - Forgettable, but a I gave it a chance 2 - Heard of it, didn’t want to listen

1 - Heard of it, didn’t like it

0 - Never heard of it

-1 - I despise this album

Sign up to vote HERE and tune in to our Livestreams later this summer to find out the final results.

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