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September 2023 - Show Update

Big Changes Happening at Music Rewind

Music Rewind Podcast September 2023 Update

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Hello and Welcome to this show update of Music Rewind.

You may have noticed that there has not been a Show Update for several months, and also our last episode was released back in August. This does not mean the show is ending, it only means that behind-the-scenes a lot is happening for this one-man operation.

Allow me to elaborate....

Most of you know that my son is an actor. Famously known as Watermelon Boy in this commercial and also Young James in the SCAD student film Self-Reflection. He even talked about his stage aspirations on our show with a special episode back in Season 2. So, his acting career is taking off and it is bringing exciting changes to all of us. He has now been cast in a National Broadway Tour in a principle role! I am not allowed yet to say more as I write this, but follow @reedepleyactor on Instagram for all announcements in that arena.

His mom and I are extremely proud of this talented little 9yr old.

What does this mean for the show? Well, we are going on the road. For the next year-ish we will be traveling with him from city to city, doing our day-job from hotel rooms. It is equal parts terrifying and exciting all at once. That throws future recordings of my show into flux. As in, I do not know what my schedule is going to be until we actually start the tour.

I have a few shows recorded that I'll be releasing, but I will then need to pause until the schedule is figured out.

As much as I love doing Music Rewind and talking these albums with the world, my family will always come first. Music Rewind will be back in full when the time is right. I have a growing list of people who wish to be on the show, from fans to musicians to industry experts.

I hope to fit everyone in as time goes by.

Oh, we also got nominated for Best Music Podcast for 2023 People's Choice Podcast Awards for the 2nd year in a row. So that is pretty cool. Winner to be announced on September 30th (Update - we did not win).

For now, please check out all our recent episodes, join our Treasure Hunt and follow us on all the socials!

Thank you to all the guests and listeners!


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