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Music Through The Generations - Part 1 - Bonus Episode

Music Through The Generations is a Bonus series that takes Music Rewind Regular Alan Zielger out into the field to interview a wide range of people of various ages and locations, a full generational gap of 70 years. He asks them all the same 5 musical questions, and the answers are fascinating.

The Questions: What music is your favorite right now? What music did you listen to growing up? What music did your parents listen to? Where do you listen to music? What is Classic Rock to you?


Transcript as follows:




40s Hello and welcome to Music Rewind, a podcast where we look to tell the stories behind our favorite albums. I'm your host, Steve Epley, and in each episode, we invite a guest on to tell us about their favorite music album, how they discovered it and what makes it special to them today. Music Rewind is bringing you a special bonus episode. Music for the Generation part one. Show regular Ellen Ziegler went out into the field to ask people of all ages five simple questions, and the answers are fascinating. What type of music is your favorite right now? What genre was your favorite as a kid? What type of music did your parents listen to? Where do you listen to music the most? And finally, what is classic rock to you? 1s I hope you enjoyed this bonus episode and there will be more to come down the road. Please let me know what your answers would be, I'd love to hear them. And now on with Music through the Generations part one.

OK, so I am here with 1s and how old are you? I'm 16 years old. And where do you live? Bolton, California. So let's start. What type or genre of music is your favorite? Now? Probably reflect oh, example or is it old cool, like kind of new age rap. New age rap, OK, I have no idea. So if you if you say someone, that's fine, I would never know. But if you have any examples but other than what you just said so, okay. What type or genre of music was your favorite? As a kid, I would say Disney music was mostly all I listened to. Okay. Just from the movies, that type of thing? Yeah, like a lad. 4s All right, that's cool. 1s So what type of music do you remember your parents listening to? 80s rock. My dad would always play 80s rock, and he still does. So, like, hair metal, 80s rock. Or see the promise. That's a song name that's on band. Was he like, more poppy or? Not poppy? Like eighty s new wave post. Like Duran Duran? Yeah, things like that. Yeah. Psychedelic verse and things like that. Okay. Okay. That's interesting. So where do you find yourself listening to music the most? Like a place. 2s My car. Yeah. Okay, and then what is your definition of classic rock? 4s Can you think of any bands 1s that you might consider classic rock? I know, but I can't remember his name. But he sings, let's see, or years, maybe 1s 70, that kind of year. Maybe 1s you're trying to think of a song? Yes, because I know this one guy, but I can't remember his name. Yeah. But you can't remember the song sings? No. 1s So 1970, something like that? Maybe. 7s

I'm here with Terry. Terry, where are you from? I'm from Pure, Illinois. And you're how old? I'm 65. Five, but young at heart. 65 years young. All right, let's get into the five questions. So what type or genre of music is your favorite? Now, I'd probably say anything that is really upbeat. Like hip hop is really, really an upbeat type of music, so anything that's kind of upbeat. I'm not into romantic songs or anything that's rap. 1s Okay. What type or genre was your favorite music as a kid? Well, we listened to a lot of rock and roll, and I had a lot of Grandfront Railroad and I had a lot of Chicago albums I listen to also my favorite. 2s What type of music do you remember your parents listening to? Believe it or not, sing along with Mitch Miller. Yeah. It was one of the big ones my mom had. She always was playing those records. That's cool. So where do you find yourself listening to music to the most? Like, a particular area of the house, or is it work? It's probably most probably mostly in the car because a lot of the times I'm in the car, so it's usually where I'm at. Okay, so what is classic rock to you? What's your definition of classic rock? Gosh, my definition of classic rock would be 2s stuff from maybe the 70s. Okay. Yeah. Like 1s any specific pants? Just reo, maybe 4s really cool stuff like that. Okay. Sounds good. That's the five questions. Thank you, Terry.

And I'm here with 1s Deborah. 1s Okay. And you are how old? 39. 2s You're how old? 1s 37. 2s That's what you want to go with, 49? For the record. 50. 5s Where do you live? City and state. Where do you live? El Dorado. Will, California. 2s What type of music is your favorite writing? 2s Gangster rap. 1s Gangster rap? Yes. Consider yourself a gangster? No, but that's the music 1s that makes me feel are you an OG? I am 1s west coast. West coast rappers. So what are some of the names that you like? 2s Dr. Dre. 1s Big Sean. He's my favorite right now. Okay, 1s so what type or genre of music was your favorite as a kid? 1s I would have to say top 40. 1s Top 40s? Like whatever you heard on the radio, it did change a lot. Debbie Gibson 2s and then Madonna and then the cranberries. But that was more teenager 20s. Yeah. 3s What type of music do you remember your parents listening to? So I called them the oldies. Because at that time, when I lived at home, it was the oldies. So that was 50, like 50. 5s I don't know about doo-wop. 3s What are some good fifties? Elvis and no. And it was usually it wasn't my mom, it was my dad in his workshop music. Right. Because typically parents have different musical tastes and my mom didn't really have any taste. She listened to worship music. 1s She just said your mom didn't have any taste. Yeah, she would listen to worship music in her car. But your dad like 2s she was allowed to listen to her, your dad 2s it was always the Gold Nodies, the golden oldies. 2s Oh, but I remember Abba, a lot of Abba, which I guess 2s so he went from 50s that's sixties, right above no, 1s 70s, most on the 7th, so so I remember him listening to Alba. Okay. But mostly 50. So right now where do you find yourself listening to music the most? Like is it car and work at school? Where is in my car? 2s And then if I am full alone, cleaning 1s but not so much right now because apartment. Right. So what do you what is classic rock to you? Classic rock in whatever my sister was listening to that I hated 2s examples you could give of that. 3s Like 2s what about an era or any bands in particular? 80 pair bands. So I guess that's not classic rock. 1s Classic rock is very wide range, I would think. Okay, so again, she wasn't really in it. 1s Okay, 1s so then just to narrow it down a little bit yeah. For everyone, your opinion of classic rock is what years or maybe what bands or what area? What do you think? 2s Sleep with men journey. Okay. 2s Lot of people consider that classic rock. So then I guess I do like some classic rock. Well, the question was, what is classic rock? Not if you like classic rock. Just so you know. Okay, so I guess it's broader than 1s I was thinking. 7s Okay. Sounds good. Thank you, Deborah, for your time today. Thank you, Al. 16s

I'm here with Steve. And you're how old? 63. And you are from or where do you live now? I live in Land, Illinois. Now, let's get to the five questions for what type or genre of music is your favorite now? 2s Have to stay with classic rock. It's always been my favorite. It's what I go to all the time. Although I do listen to several different. But right now, classic rock would be my favorite. Okay, so question two what type or genre of music was your favorite as a kid? Well, I guess it was a classic rock at the 2s rock, rock on the radio, the top 40 at the time. I mean, the top 40 in the classic rock of today. That's true. Very true. What type of music do you remember your parents listening to? 40s bands. 2s I actually give up your pleasure. I listened to it from 1s this is like Tommy dorsey, that type. 1s And was that music 1s playing a lot? No, of course. Really didn't have the media that we have today. 1s You know, you had Am radio, black and white television, so you may have gotten a little bit on Lawrence Welk Show. All right, maybe. The radio was dominated by my older brothers and sisters. So we were listening to WLS out of Chicago. That's right. We didn't hear a lot of it, 1s but in later years, when taking mom say from her house and built to Bloomington, 1s she'd always want to listen to 40. So we would with serious accent, we would listen to 40. Nice. So where do you find yourself listening to music the most? Car work. Is there a special room in your house or something where you chill out and listen to music? Car 2s nowadays, 1s with Pandora and stuff like that, I can listen to on Mowing. I can listen to it at work. I don't have to have a radio blaring. Everybody's got to listen to listen to your own thing. That's true. That's kind of nice these days. It really is. You get to listen to what you want, when you want. You're not forced to listen to somebody else's. Believe me, if you like it that's line. But yeah, sometimes I don't think those days when you had to take turns everybody got 20 minutes or whatever. 1s So question five is what is classic off to you? 1s Well, the classic rock to me is is what I was 1s fed from a very early age, having older brothers and sisters. So classic rock to me goes clear back into the BOP the duo, the beach strip, jane and Dean beach books. Sure. Jimmy, my older brother Jimmy, love that. You also love Johnny Cash. I love Johnny Cash. Right. Where that's a crossover between country and rock. 3s So then, of course, my error with these Eagles Beatles, I have to say, grandma, love your mom or your grandmother. My mom loved the beatles, too. So we would lift some to that quite a bit at home 2s to me. That's the classic rock. The top 40 of the is classic rock to me. Okay. All right, that's our five questions. Thank you, Keith. Enjoy. 16s Okay. I am here with 2s and you are how old? 70. Sounds good. So let's start on the questions. What type or genre of music is your favorite right now? Old music. 1s Like, do you have any examples? Smith. Smith. Have you graduated from Nirvana? No. But you're still doing Nirvana? No. You're not? I don't like a few songs. Okay, so you're on the Smiths now. Okay. But I listen to Everett 1s like rab. Is Morrissey included within your genre with The Smiths? 2s Okay, so the Smiths right now okay. So what type or genre of music was your favorite as a kid? Pop. 2s Like the stuff on the radio. Pop of the day. As in? Let's see. So in the day, that would have been 2000. Yeah, like 2010. 1s Okay. 2s What type of music do you remember your parents listening to? My dad would listen to a lot of old school rap, and my mom would listen 1s I don't know what's that guy called, the one that can I envisage her? No, 1s you don't remember? 1s Was it like a rap, pop or rock or do you remember his pop? Okay, 1s question four is, where do you find yourself listening to music most? Like, a play? Like is it car work or school or something? In the car. Okay, and then question number five what is classic rock to you? Like Nirvana, 1s blinkorn 82. What's that one? Guns and roses. 2s Okay, sounds good. 10s And I'm here with Kevin Eppley. All right, Kevin, how old are you? 63. 63? Well, 64, not yet. All right. And you are from Magnolia, Illinois, and you're living where? Now in Chatham, Illinois, which is near Springfield, Illinois. What type of music or genre is your favorite music now? Classic rock. All right. And then what type of music was your favorite as a kid? Classic rock. Even when you were a little I'd throw the Beatles and British rock in there. Okay. All right. So what type of music do you remember your parents listening to? Big Band and Swing from the was there a lot of that in the house? Yes, there was a lot of music in the house, a lot of record albums. Okay, so for where do you find yourself listening to music to the most? Like, a place or at work? At work? Over the computer? Yes. I stream the local classic rock station. Oh, nice. And the last one is what is classic rock? Classic rock, to me, I would define it as the the bands and musicians most popular during the decade of the British invasion in 64 and ending about the mid 80. 1s Late 80s. Right. Before hair bands? 1s No, they coincided with the hair bands of the 80s, but it's when grunge rock in that Seattle scene started hitting things pretty hard. And then I kind of got 90s. Like, 91s. Like when nevermind came out. Nirvana. Right? Yeah. So 64 to 91, roughly. Was that 1s your definition of classic rock? Yes. Okay, that's our five questions. Thank you. All right. 12s And I'm here with Doug Bridler and Ho. Old are you? 55. All right, let's get into the five. So what type or genre of music is your favorite? Right now? I would say rock, but it's limited to some of the. 1s The new stuff. You know what, let's just say eighty s and ninety S rock is probably my what? Is there any specific artists to narrow it down? Van Halen guns and roses, 1s Ozzy. 2s Even like the rat and white snake. And I can go on like that. Motorhead Kid was real popular. Okay, so what type or genre of music was your favorite of the kid? Well, at our house we had two types of music, country and western. And that's all that was listened to until about but was that your favorite? I definitely appreciate it now, like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings and some of the Outlaw wasn't cool. Her parents listened to it. Well, that's pretty much all I was able to hear until it was old. Well, that kind of leads me to the next question, which is what type of music do your parents listen to? So that was done country and western. Yeah, and I definitely appreciate that. And then later on, or when I was able to get my little Am radio, there was the groups like Boston and Journey and Fog Hat and early ZZ Top, things that I would listen to before I'd go to bed. Right. Where do you find yourself listening to music the most? Is there a particular place in the car or is it in your in the car? In the car? Yeah, in the car. When I'm driving, you know, sometimes I'll throw in a CD, but if I'm listening to the radio, it's in the car and it's usually the classic rock station and it's usually the music. Okay, so speaking of classic rock, what is classic rock to you? Well, I'll tell you kind of the music that I listened to when I was in high school and stuff. But I think it's something a meaningful music. I could listen to Elvis music before I was born, and if it meant something to me, I think that makes it classic. Plus. 2s Maybe music that was going on in the background of my youth, but I think it has to be meaningful. And good music is timeless. I believe 1s let's just say an old Boston song from back then sounds just as good to me as today. So 1s those songs that you reach for the knob to turn it up a few digits higher, right? Sounds good. All right, that's the five questions. Easy. 16s I'm here with Donovan from donovan, how old are you? I'm 21 years old. And you're from where? East pure Illinois. So let's get into these five questions. So what type or genre of music is your favorite? Now? I would say did he's rock? Classic brown. Kind of like hair metal? Yeah, like Metallica made. Oh, nice. Okay. 1s We went and saw a band called Decade of Decadence last night. Have you ever heard or seen of those guys that's all they do is they reproduce the 80s hair metal. It was very fun. 2s So what type or genre of music was your favorite as a kid? You know, as a kid, it was probably 2000s alternative rock. Like nickelback 4s smashing Pumpkins pumpkins. Red hot chili peppers, I think. Still around. Red hot chili peppers. All right. Anything else or was that pretty much it? Three days grace. 2s Forgot about those guys. 3 hours down. Like, all those. So what type of of music do you remember your parents listening to 1s from central Illinois? And my dad like to listen to 93 Three the Drive, which was a bunch of classic drive. Right. And he also was a big fan of Nickelbacks. So that's what got me into it. Okay. 2s So where do you find yourself listening to music most? Is it school, car particular room in the house or something like that? Definitely in the car. I like doing it when I'm doing homework. Helps me focus a little bit, get stuff done quicker. All right. Yeah, that's cool. So what is your definition of classic rock? 3s Plastic rock, kicking, touching on anything either? 2s Depends, because when I was born, classic rock was always like seventy s to ninety s. That was the genre of classic rock. But I think it's changed over the years and it's incorporated more of the alternative stuff that came out in the think the older stuff is getting more popular. Okay. Alright, sounds good. All right. Thank you. Jonathan. 12s Who am I sitting with? Les. 1s All right. And you live where? Chill Coffee, Illinois. Let's start with question number one. What type or genre of music is your favorite? Now. Cartoon WestJet. 4s Is that new country like mixture? New and old. Old. New and old. New and old. Ball. Okay, so what was your favorite as a kid? Rock and roll. All right, 1s rock and roll. Do you remember 2s Elvis? Yeah. I can't even remember something. Hold on. So it was in that early rock and roll phase? Yeah. Little Richard and Chuck Barry, those type of things. 2s Gene Vincent, maybe, things like that. Yeah. 3s Conway Twitty. Conway Twitty. He sounds just like Elvis back then. Yeah. Conway twitty was a goodness today. Who said he talked to you? So what type of music do you remember your parents listening to? 2s I really don't think they listened to that much music because our radio was just usually mainly getting weather report and the fire report. That was about it. It was turned back off. So there was never any music playing through the house? Not through the house, not very much. Once in a while it was turned on, but 1s not too much in the house. It was born of later in my teen years when I was out and about. 2s Okay, so where do you find yourself listening to music most? Like what area? In a car. Oh, at home, work in the car. You don't work, so no work. 1s So mostly in the car are here? Yeah, mostly in the car. At home, the radio is typically on. Yeah, I turn it on when I get up in the morning and turn it off. And the news comes on at five. Yeah. All right. 2s What is classic raft to you? Classic rafters? It's hard to explain grass, classic rock, but to me it's more like head banging music 5s where any artists come to mind. When you think to your headbanging music, does what any artists come to mind? No. I don't even know what even have music anymore. All right, so classic rock is headbanging music. Yeah. Alright, that concludes the five questions. 19s And I'm here with 3s okay. This is a double team since we had some fear factor coming into this. Okay. How old are you? I'm 16. Okay. Where do you live? Fulfill all right. 16 too. And I also live with fulsomes. Okay, let's jump into to the five questions. Number one, what type or genre of music is your favorite right now? Indy. Indie. 1s Do you have any examples of the bands or songs or anything like that? 4s You're always on a lot, so you can answer. No, I don't. Yes, you do. 2s Trying. They only walk well, just whatever you're listening to right now, they will tell you. I feel like I will back up. Yeah. And I don't know, I just know the song name, so I don't know any of the people asking them, what is that one that sings? What are they called? 1s The song is. What? Forget what they sing. The Beatles. The Beatles? A lot. Are you listening? The Beatles? A little. Okay. So what type or genre of music was your favorite as a kid? Pop. I liked country music as a kid. That was weird. 2s Like newer new country? No, I was obsessed with Let It Carry Underwood and, like, girl country singers. Okay. Yeah. 1s Taylor Swift. Sure. 2s Okay. Because that's the whole thing. I know. 1s What type of music do you remember your parents listening to? When I listen to rock a lot, like, dad music 1s he really likes what does he like the most that we don't like as much? I don't know what should have done better? 1s Dad music. I don't want them to like Rihanna and stuff. That's why I grew up listening. Do your parents listen to Rihanna? Yeah, this is like 3s all right. 1s Number four is where do you find yourself listening to music the most? Like a place for work or school 1s to my room. Send the music close to my room. Okay. And then number five. What is classic rock to you? 2s That's a hard question. That is. Hard question. It is. Most people have very it can be very broad and it's year specific. 1s Like a band. Like, yeah, you can name a band, you can name a song, you can name an era, you can name a year. 1s Like Led Zeppelin. Yeah, let's shape a lot. Yeah. Like, hey, like nervous. What else? 2s Queen allison shane. Yeah, queen allison shane. Okay. 1s Anything else? Any other? That's all I can say. Okay. Thank you both. That's it. Goodbye. 12s I'd like to thank you for listening to Music Rewind, a podcast from the Sidereal Media Group. If you enjoyed today's episode, there are many ways to help the show, such as our patreon or affiliate links in the show notes. The easiest way, though, is to give the show a rating or comment. Wherever you listen, we really do appreciate it. Thank you again. And as I always say, listen to the full album. Until next time. 8s

A podcast from the Sidereal Media Group. Back to you. Anchors.

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