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Broken Homes with guest Keith Higgons

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Music Rewind welcomes writer and podcaster Keith Higgons to the show to discuss the 1986 self-titled album from rock band, Broken Homes.

A band that was filled to the brim with talent and potential, trying to find their place in the musical landscape of mid-80’s Los Angeles. Band members Michael Doman, James ‘Jimmy’ Ashhurst, Kregg ‘Craig’ Ross, and Craig Aaronson may not be household names, but the reach of their influence still touches Rock & Roll today.

Album: Broken Homes

Artist: Broken Homes

Year: 1986

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Get there album here:

Mid-way through the episode, we discuss the similarities in liner notes between Broken Homes and Pearl Jam's Ten.


Our Guest, Keith Higgons, is an accomplished writer and podcaster out of Connecticut He wrote the definitive biography of Broken Homes on the internet, available here:

Keith also has 2 podcasts that everyone should be listening to after this episode.

Abandoned Albums: Discovering albums often overlooked by history. @abandoned_albums on Instagram

IRL Lunatic Fringe - Real-life, true-crime story of a stalking incident in the United States

Find Keith Higgons on Instagram @keithrhiggons


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